Sunday, August 21, 2011

For the New Photographer

I found these on Digital Photography School and thought I would re-post.

  1. What you see is not what you get.
  2. To get what you see you need to understand light. That takes a lot time, effort and patience.
  3. The best asset a photographer needs is anticipation and readiness to capture a moment.
  4. There is time and place for all gear.
  5. Some of the best photographs you see are not accidental. They are the end result of careful thinking and planning.
  6. Overcoming the inertia of using a DSLR is not enough. Always remember to keep learning and try for improvement.
  7. Possessing a DSLR doesn’t warrant you to be in manual mode always. Importance should be given to capturing the moment. Explore your creativity only if the situation permits.
  8. Even if you don’t realize it, most of the photographs you see online are post processed. Take time to master some techniques. It will pay off in the long run.
  9. Be gracious about your success rate. Only a few among the many photographs you have clicked will be useful.
  10. Costly gear does not necessarily equate to better photographs. Know your existing gear like the back of your hand.

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